What’s the difference between 办法 and 办法中?

I found the latter in:


But I cannot make sense of why 中 is in this sentence.

I read a few answers related to 中 here but I’m not quite sure “within” or “in” is the right answer here.

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中 can also mean "among" (short for 之中)

三百六十种办法[] = [among] the 360 ways

Another example:

化学元素[],鉄是最稳定的 = [Among] the chemical elements, iron is the most stable

在鸡群[],一只白鹤自然十分突出 = [In/ among] the flock of chickens, a white crane is naturally very prominent


You can also use 之中.

化學元素"之中",鉄是最稳定的 and 化學元素"中",鉄是最稳定的 have the same meaning.

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