I am a little bit at loss with the following sentence as it uses four different negations:


I am not sure how to translate them into English in a way that preserves the original the sentence structure and style.


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朴世堂 沒有說(didn't say)無用(not useful)於日常之說非(is not)古之道,也未說(also didn't say)因此(because of that)而不需要(not needing)它,但是他指出,程子之說未能(has not)明示性的本質.


"朴世堂沒有說, 無用於(于?)日常之說(法)非古之道,
Pu ShiTang didn't say, a theory, which is useless in daily life, is not the way of old,
(he) also never said, "Thus we don't need it",
but he pointed out,
Cheng Zi's theory did not clearly show the original nature of sex.

  • that sounds ok, but 性 refers to "human nature" rather than sex in this passage.
    – McCzajnik
    Nov 27, 2021 at 13:20

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