I'm not sure if what I changed below was correct or not.

  1. 我看陳太太那麼老,恐怕不會只有70歲吧?

-> 我看陳太太那麼老,恐怕不止70歲吧?

  1. 愛闖紅燈的,並不是只有騎摩托車的,開車的也一樣。

-> 愛闖紅燈的,不止是騎摩托車的,開車的也一樣。

  1. 王小姐家不但她能幹,她兩個姐姐也是女強人。

-> 王小姐家不止她能幹,她兩個姐姐也是女強人。

  1. 我們的產品除了內銷以外,還外銷。

-> 我們的產品不止是內銷,還外銷。

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    According to the following links (link1,link2,link3), only the first sentence should use 不止. The others should use 不只.
    – joehua
    Dec 3, 2021 at 8:42

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  • 不只A,B:not only A but also B
  • 不止A:Not limited to A
  • A不止:A Non-stoppablely


  • 恐怕不止70歲吧?: not limited to 70 years old
  • 不只是騎摩托車的,開車的也一樣: not only motorcyclers but also car drivers
  • 不只她能幹,她兩個姐姐也是: not only her but also her sisters
  • 不只是內銷,還外銷: not only domestic markets but also exports
  • 流血不止: bleeding non-stoppablely
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    不止 also describe "uncontrollably" . e.g. 痛哭不止, 狂笑不止, 疼癢不止
    – Tang Ho
    Dec 3, 2021 at 19:42

不止 or 不只?

不止 = 不止于这么多, 不限于这个数量. (not only this much of the amount).

不只 = 不只是这件事情, 不仅仅是这个东西. (not only this one but also that one).

For example:





In any case try to use longer words (不小于, 不只有) than just use (不止, 不只) in either written or spocken language.

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