What does 所 in 十目所視 do? Is it some kind of grammar here?

This is the definition of 所 from my dicitonary:

所 所 suǒ actually; place; classifier for houses, small buildings, institutions etc; that which; particle introducing a relative clause or passive; CL:個|个[ge4]

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It corresponds to these translations in your dictionary:

that which; particle introducing a relative clause or passive;

所 can be compared to the conjunction (where/what/when) in a clause.

十目所视 what ten eyes see

目力所及 where vision can reach


The answer is in the dictionary

particle introducing a relative clause or passive

[(object) + subject + + verb] = [(object) is verb by subject]

[十目(everyone's eyes)+ + 视(watch)] = [watched by everyone's eyes]

Another example (with object):


背脊向天 (things that with its back facing the sky = all non-human creatures) is the object

人 (people) is the subject

  • 背脊向天[][]食 = all non-human creatures are for [people] [to] eat

  • [背脊向天]人[]食 = [all non-human creatures] are eaten [by] people

(你被)十目(所)视 = (you are) watched (by) everyone


Everyone knows what you're up to.

Originally means,a person's every gesture, every movement,
everyone can see, everyone knows


In here, 所 means "actually".

十(眾)目所視 - Ten (all) eyes actually seeing.

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