This is on a gravestone in Toronto. I suspect it is the name of a place, but I cannot identify the middle character. I did a good job (in my opinion) of drawing it in the Chinese writing recognizer on an iPad but nothing resembling it came up. I used a graphics program to convert the image to black on white, and an OCR that is usually pretty good left the space blank.

What is it?

enter image description here

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古同“兜”。 (same as 兜 in ancient time)

山兠村 /Shān dōu cūn/ - Shandou Village


兜's pictograph was a helmet

from dictionary: 兜 (n) "pocket" / "bag"

山兠村 may be a village located in a helmet /pocket shape area in a mountain

山兜村 is in 福建省 (Fujian Province )


Shandou Village, Dou means to surround, meaning that village is surrounded by Lingyuan Mountains, therefore, is named "Shandou" (mountain surrounded)

  • Thanks. That has to be it. 福建省 was also on the stone next to it.
    – 伟思礼
    Dec 31, 2021 at 1:26

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