My (western) Kindergartener son needs a Chinese name (three characters) for himself for use at his school. I started with some ideas that relate to his western names, one character for family name, two characters for given name. I'm mainly looking to avoid names that would not be actual names (e.g., doorhandle and lightswitch) in the traditional sense. Please give me feedback on my shortlist of characters and what combinations would work.

1. Family name:

a. 庞 – Páng

b. 潘 – Pān

2. Given name:

a. 德明 - dé míng - "bright virtue"? I'm puzzled by this one because it's a homophone for 得名 which I understand to mean "named after something". Is this homophone distracting?

b. 德懋 - dé mào - "diligent / hard-working virtue" (name to live up to) second character is too unusual

c. 凤雏 – fèng chú – fledgling phoenix, handsome and spirited youth (apt description of the boy) is unsuitable

d. 从 - Cóng - I just like the sound

e. 德维 - Déwéi - “Of great principle”

f. 德治 - Dézhì - "rule by setting an example"

Thank you for reading. Open to any and all feedback.

ETA: I appreciate all the feedback, it's exactly what I was hoping for. I've added a few other options and updated the question to try to appease the mods.

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the Chinese name need your birth day date and hour to be a good name. if you interest it you can give it to me and I will work one out for you.

凤雏 is a joke now. if you take this name you will be a joke.

—————————————————————————————————————————————— your son was born 2016-02-27 5am it is (you not say before or after 5am I do as it 5:00) 丙申年庚寅已卯日丁卯时(if it is before5:00 then it is 丙寅)

your son's 五行 is 土

to 五行 is





金:2 木:3 水:1 火:3 土:3

for balance

you should use 水 for one word.

so what about:





the most important I think is that you can speak out it loudly.

think the scene

you and your son is in the street play together and your son is a bit far from you and you want to take him home.

or in the classroom your son's classmate want to call him to eat dinner.

you/your son's classmate will speak his name loudly. your son's name can be

called out smoothly(or I do not know what to say it you can try it).

If the name is good to speak out. your son's classmate will have a will to call me. it is good.

but if you take 凤雏 as your son's name, he will be jeer(or other) by his classmate.

Just a advice.

you may take other name as you want.

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  • @daotian -- How is the work on OP's request coming along? I, for one, am truly interested. I myself consulted an astrologer when choosing a name for my daughter . Jan 2, 2022 at 6:47

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