Just reading 人类简史, translated into Chinese by 林俊宏。

微积分: calculus

I know very little about 微积分, except that it is a way to divide by zero and still get an answer!

But in this text, 微积分 seems to mean tiny. Or what does it mean?

人类深深迷恋着我们自己的高智能,于是一心认为智力当然是越高越好。 但如果真是如此,猫科动物也经过演化,为什么没有会微积分的猫? 究竟为什么,在整个动物界, 只有人属演化出了比例如此庞大思考器官?

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It just means "calculus".

The text roughly translates to:

We Homo sapiens are infatuated with our own intellectual capabilities, and unanimously consider intelligence as an advantage. However, consider if this is really the case - Felis have also undergone evolution, so why aren't there any cats which can do calculus? Why, in the whole animal kingdom, have only Homo sapiens evolved large organs capable of deep thought?

  • Oops! Bothered by our cat, I missed the 会!I've read, brains, even cat brains, solve extremely complex differential equations every time we catch something. Cats can do it!
    – Pedroski
    Commented Jan 2, 2022 at 22:49

为什么没有会微积分的猫?- Why there is no cat that can perform calculus?

"Calculus" - an advanced mathematic operation usually taught in the college-level class to students in science majors.

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