I want to start an email with:

Hello Jack and Jill

I'm thinking something like:

Jack , Jill 你们好。

I feel there is something wrong with:

Jack 和 Jill 你们好。

What is the best way to express this?


"Jack 和 Jill 你们好." is fine when addressing your contemporary. But you can consider the following:

Assume they are your friends, then add "Dear" in the front:

  • 親愛的Jack 和 Jill 你们好.

If they are your elders, then add "Respected & Beloved":

  • 敬愛的Jack 和 Jill 你们好.

For your bosses, business associates, add "Respected/Regarded":

  • 敬重的/尊敬的Jack 和 Jill 你们好.

To whom you have a very close relationship, you can say:

  • 摯愛的 (Deeply Beloved) Jack 和 Jill 你们好.

Jack and Jill went up the hill,
To fetch a pail of water,
Jill came down with half a crown,
It wasn't for the water.



I like the answer of r13 (+1). What I would suggest is to:

  1. Use a formal address (if needed) using titles such as 先生, 女士, 老师, 大夫, etc. after each name.

  2. Use instead of 和.


  1. Format the email properly adding punctuation and spacing. Example:


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