How should one read "3.24元"? a)三块二毛四 b)三块两毛四

also, "15.08元": a)十五块八分 b)十五块零八分

also, "4.52元" a) 四块五毛二分 b) 四块五毛两分

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四块五毛两分 or 四块五毛二

二元、二毛、二分 are all unnatural. Use 两 when 块 毛 or 分 is followed, use 二 if not.

零 is used when there’s 0 毛 but nonzero 分 and 块.


元 角 分 are standard Mandarin, while 块 毛 分 are colloquial usage. If it is an exam or some formal occasion you need to use the corresponding, but it is perfectly understandable to mix it up on a daily basis.

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