I'm reading a random book from the library, which contains:

仲尼,谢谢你曾来过我的世界, 2017, pp.11-12.

I'm skeptical that 应该9点多吧 is grammatical. Clearly it means "after 9 o'clock", but my 语感 is suspicious about using 多 instead of 以后 or 之后. I don't recall ever seeing that before.

Question: Is 应该9点多吧 a correct way of saying "after 9 o'clock"?

  • "9点多"is how we would say "a little pass 9" in English. "after 9 o'clock" would be 九点后. Commented Feb 8, 2022 at 12:16

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"after 9 o'clock" is 九点后. It can be 9:01 or 11:00 and even later

For example, If you go to a restaurant at 10:05 you could be told 九点后不供应酒精饮料 (No alcoholic beverages served after nine o'clock)

"九点多" means little later than 9:00 but not past 9:30 which is "九点 半" and definitely not past 10:00

九点左右 (around 9:00) could be 8:55 or 9:05 (not past 9:30)


应该9点多吧 - should be a little beyond 9 o'clock.

The answerer saw the event at the approximate time. it lacked certainty as he/she didn't check the clock/watch, but a recall from memory.

The actual time could turn out to be earlier or much later than 9 o'clock.

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