There is this passage from a Korean Confucian Yun Hyu, where he discusses relation between 理 and 動: 理動之說,非某之說,朱夫子嘗屢言之矣。今得數條別錄以上,乞以此更入思量,如何。

I am at loss with "今得數條別錄以上" this part. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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it would be:

now (今) [i] got (得) several (數) tidbits (條), separately (別) recorded (錄)) for (以) submitting (上 —> 呈上)

“條” referred to paragraphs ( groups of several sentences, less than an article)

have fun :)

btw: your reading material is quite interesting, may i know the name of your book? 😻

  • The book is 被誤讀的儒學史. Very interesting indeed.
    – McCzajnik
    Mar 3, 2022 at 10:17

Without reading the whole text, I have to make some presumptions.

I presume:

  • 理 = 理論 (theory)

  • 動 = 行動 (action)

  • 說 = 說法/論據 (argument)


The arguments between theory and action is not my arguments, Master Zhu has mentioned them repeatedly. Now I have a few of them listed separately above, please take them into consideration, how about that?

今 - now

得 - (I've) got

數條 - (論據) - a few (arguments)

別錄 - separately listed

以上 - above


以 - to

上 - submit

條 is a classifier for 論據

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