Below is a passage from a Song Confucian, Cheng Yi:


I am not sure about the meaning of 其心欲慈惠安(一作虛), particularly the bracketed part.

I also have a problem with:"舍大務小,舍本趨末,又濟甚事"

Any help would be appreciated.

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the chopping is, . . . well, inappropriate lah 😼

consider this:

“其心欲慈惠安(一作虛)靜” —> “其心欲慈惠安靜”, or “其心欲慈惠虛靜”; so,

[someone]’s (其) mind (心) want (欲) [to be] kindhearted (慈惠) [and] silent (安靜), or,

[someone]’s (其) mind (心) want (欲) [to be] kindhearted (慈惠) [and] emptied (虛) [and] silent (靜)


mr 程’s opinion is: one’s mind is more important than one’s breath; that, the biggest, and most important thing is to constrain one’s mind. practising breathing technique (~氣功) is an minor affair

so, he criticised the saying “今若言存心養氣,只是專為此氣” which emphasises one’s mind serves for controlling one breath

to abandon (舍 -> 捨) the most important (大), [for] engaging in (務) the smallest (小), to abandon (舍 -> 捨) the origin (本), [for] seeking for (趨) the minor (末); is fruitless (又濟甚事)

have fun :)

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