The word isn't in my physical dictionary, and online I can only find "親華派", "親中家", and "中國迷". Are any of these accurate translations? What would they all accurately translate to?

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Native Chinese from Shanghai.

If Sinophile is used to describe a politician, 亲华派 or 亲中派 (there is no difference between these two words) would probably be the most accurate translation and in fact still used in both spoken Mandarin and newspaper. It's a neutral word to describe someone's political stance.

In some specific context, if Sinophile is used to describe someone not only favors Chinese culture, but in fact has deep understanding in Chinese culture, 中国通 would be an excellent alternative. Note that it would infer that person has sort of academic background or works for a foreign(not Chinese) government.

However if it is used to describe someone who favors Chinese culture, for example, a folk collects china or has a taste for Chinese ancient literature, you can use 中国迷. Note that it is not used as frequently as the aforementioned words, and sometimes people would put double quotation mark on it since it is not a solid word in dictionary. 他是一个不折不扣的"中国迷". (He is a real sinophile.)

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    I am not talking about how the terms are used in China, I do not know much about that. But for translating published material from English I would reserve 中国通 for "China hand," these are famous terms in English. See baike.sogou.com/v7665312.htm Mar 27, 2022 at 0:47
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before vowels Sin-, word-forming element meaning "Chinese," 1879, from Late Latin Sinæ (plural) "the Chinese," from Ptolemaic Greek Sinai, from Arabic Sin "China," probably from Chinese Ch'in, name of the fourth dynasty of China


from philos "loving, friendly, dear; related, own," related to philein "to love,"

adj. 亲华的;
adj. 爱好中国的
n. 喜爱中国者

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