Is it possible to have two coordinated verbs before 得/不 + resultative?

Something like:




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The potential particle 得/不 work with one verb at a time, all your examples are ungrammatical

Correct examples

他[改写]不下去 --one verb

他[擦洗]不干净 -- one verb

他[吃]不下饭, [喝]不下水 -- two verbs, two sets of potential particle

More examples:

他听和看得到雷声和闪电 (X)

他听得到雷声, 看得到闪电 (O)

  • I guess this happens when you think in English and write in Chinese? May 21 at 8:40
  • Something like:- "I ate the hamburger and a bag of chips and still feel hungry?" May 21 at 8:47

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