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In a video the guy was eating 冒菜
I don't get what he's saying especially 把控 and 干辣干辣
他 might be a typo
edit: It's this vid at 4:50

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was repeated twice (I think mainly because what they are eating is really hot)

  1. 把控 is not commonly used, has a similar meaning and is interchangeable with 控制, which means "to control something in your way". e.g. 他把这个局势把控得挺好 (he controlled the situation well)
  2. 干辣 is not commonly used as well, in the video, he wants to make a statement about the flavor of the spicy. As a native speaker, it only means it's truly and only hot. Often times you hear 香辣 used to describe the food is a little spicy and smells good, which is the opposite of 干辣.


他 is the same as 他们. It says the way they handle spicy taste.

干辣干辣的 is the adjective re duplication. 干辣 could mean drily hot or purely hot.

  • 干辣 could mean simple spicy taste when you eat dry pepper directly (without cooking). In this dish, they/chef must have put some 油辣子 in it, plus some other flavour, together, it will produce yummy spicy taste (不是那种干辣干辣的感觉). Jun 2, 2022 at 18:08

It seems to be auto-translation of voice, which is not very precise.

他 should be它, which refers to 冒菜, and the first sentence should be "它这个辣吧", which means "this spicy taste of this dish"

As for the second sentence, I don't really get it, it seems to be a mistake. I think it's trying to convey "它不是那种干辣干辣的感觉你知道吗", which means "it's not some dish that gives you the feeling of dry spicy, you get it?"

干辣 means drily spicy, I believe it's a spicy feeling that stimulates your throat and makes you cough

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