Similar to moocher and shirker in english, but with their meanings combined and with an element of trying to be sly. Looking for something that would work in a basic sentence, to identify/label a person. For instance, 'he is a ______'

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I couldn't find a specific "word" for that type of a person, but a Chinese idiom (成語) describes such a person well - "好吃懶做, 坐享其成者", which says a person, who enjoys eating but working, and always sits there waiting to share the fruit (成果) picked by others (through hard work/labor).

  • 無 without

  • 功 (功勞) credit / contribution

  • 受 receive/ accept

  • 祿 salary/ reward

  • 無功受祿 - get paid/rewards without making any contribution

無功受祿者 - the one who gets paid/rewards without making any contribution

無功受祿之人; 無功受祿的人


  • 不 not

  • 劳 work

  • 而获 but obtain

  • 不劳而获 get something without doing anything


  • 坐 sit

  • 享 enjoy

  • 其成 the success/ achievements

  • 坐享其成 sit idle and enjoy the fruit of other's labor

不劳而获, 坐享其成之人


Probably 偷懒 can meet your requirement. But it often works as a verb. E.g. 他工作中经常偷懒. 他经常偷懒. 他总偷懒.


skiver: 躲避者

malingerer: 装病以逃避职责的人

shirker: 偷懒者

freeloader: 利用别人的慷慨来占便宜的人

She's always slacking.

There are those who work hard and those who slack.

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