This seems to be a buzz word of the top leader of China and it does sound important. But what does it really mean?

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大 has the meaning of 'utmost important'

国之大者 means 'the most important thing to a nation' -- the most important thing to a nation is a correct national policy and governance system (not its power)

Similarly: 俠之大者 means 'the most important quality of a swordsman' -- the most important thing to a chivalrous swordsman is his principle and conviction to justice and morality (not his skill)


Per Baidu.com:

“国之大者”原文为“国者、天下之大器也,重任也,不可不善为择所而后错之,错险则危”。 以上这段话出自《荀子·王霸》,用白话文解释就是,治国是极为重大的事,一定要认真选择立国之道和治国之人担当这样的重任,一旦在这方面问题上出错,国家就危险了。 可以理解为,一个国家选择正确的国策和由杰出的人才掌管这个国家,便是“国之大者”。

国之大者 出处

  • Thanks. Some Chinese-language media might have misused this phrase or made it interchangeable with 国之重器. Jun 8 at 2:33

A direct translation of “国之大者” is "what is the really big thing of a nation".

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