Which is the correct way to say "what I like most is to sing"? Someone said no. 3. If it is, why we have to use 的 particle?

  1. 我最喜欢是唱歌
  2. 我最喜欢唱歌
  3. 我最喜欢的是唱歌

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我最喜欢的是唱歌 is the only answer that comes close to the original sentence - "what I like most (possessive phrase) is to sing", which can be translated as "什麼是我最喜欢的 - 是唱歌". Note the leading part is a possessive phrase, and after eliminating the first three words, the remaining sentence is - 我最喜欢(possessive particle)是唱歌.

Comment on the other sentences:

  • 我最喜欢是唱歌 is grammatically incorrect, as here, both 喜欢(like) and 是(is) are verbs that shouldn't stay next to each other.

  • 我最喜欢唱歌 = I like singing the most. This is a correct sentence but with a style different than the original.


They are all correct

  1. 我最喜欢唱歌 = I really like to sing(v)

  2. 我最喜欢是唱歌 = what I like the most is singing(n) - (among the activities I do)

  3. 我最喜欢的是唱歌 = what I like the most is singing(n) - (among the activities I do)

  • The difference between 2 and 3 is 的 is omitted in #2

  • 的 in 我最喜欢的是唱歌 acts as a pronoun for 'activity'

  • 的 in 我最喜欢的歌 is an adjective marker

More example:

我最喜欢的酒吧 = the bar that I like the most

我最喜欢的是酒吧 = 我最喜欢的(地方)是酒吧 = (Place) I like the most is a bar

我最喜欢的約翰 = John whom I like the most

我最喜欢的是約翰 = 我最喜欢的(人)是約翰 = (The person) I like the most is John

  • Thank you very much Tang Ho, so as far as I understand, the no. 2 and 3 (in your list) are the same meanning? no difference due lack of 的?
    – Lola
    Commented Jun 11, 2022 at 1:39
  • 我最喜欢是酒吧 (I like the most is a bar) = 我最喜欢(的)是酒吧 = (the place) I like the most is a bar
    – Tang Ho
    Commented Jun 11, 2022 at 1:43

What I like most is singing. (What a pity I can't sing!)

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