I'm getting confused about whether 我在医院工作 means:

  1. I work in a hospital or
  2. I'm working in a hospital at the moment.

To clarify, in the first option I mean that hospital is my day-to-day place to go, I'm possibly a nurse or a doctor. In the second option, I mean I'm at the moment working in a hospital, but there should be no assumptions about my daily life in general. To put it in other words: does it translate to English tense Present Simple or Present Continuous?

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  1. 我在医院工作 = I work for a hospital

  2. 我""在医院工作 = I am working in the hospital right now.

  3. 我"即將"在医院工作 = I am going to work for a hospital.

  4. 我"曾經"在医院工作 = I'd worked in a hospital.

ˋ The first sentence is a general statement without any time indicator. The rest three are modified by the tense indicators - 正, 即將, and 曾經.


我正在這家醫院工作:I'm working in this hospital. Could be working in a different hospital later.
我正在醫院工作:I'm working in a hospital. Could be working in a different (non-hospital) institute later.

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