What is "blood vessel" in chinese? I searched an online google translation from english to chinese and got this:


Other dictionaries such as cambridge also suggested this, but I am not sure about this. My context is mainly for biology.

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I checked from National Academy for Educational Research (Taiwan, ROC) (link).

出處/領域••• 中文 •••英文詞彙

藥學 血管 vascular

生命科學名詞 血管 blood vessel

畜牧學 血管 blood vessel

動物學名詞 血管 blood vessel

獸醫學 血管 blood vessel

畜牧學 血管 vessel

魚類 血管 vascular canals

only 血管, others unlikely

血脉 is for traditional Chinese medicine or for culture (血脈)

静脉 is vein

動脉 is artery

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    I assume the link here was the reference in the answer; I edited it into the answer.
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血管 is fine.

A alternate and vety uncommonly used version may be:


or the Traditional version:



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    血管 is medical. It may appear with 肌肉, 神经. 血脉 is more inclined to lineage.
    – Krahmal
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  • 他的主动脉(血管)破裂了; 他的身体里流着古老的血脉.
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    Commented Jun 28, 2022 at 7:42
  • For bio, it is 血管. In the context of traditional Chinese medicine(中医), 血脉 may also be also a term, they say 血脉滞涩, but here 血脉 is abstract, they do not mean the real pipeline in body.
    – Krahmal
    Commented Jun 28, 2022 at 7:49


血脉/脈 could have cultural aspects:

  1. 2018 reference

八九六四屠城(历史上的今天 20180604第102期) 人 心里 自由 的 血脉 更是 代代相承

  1. 大典 reference

大典:民主 下 感到 高山仰止 只有 帝王 血脉 的 联系 才能 如此

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