Most people know the famous english idiom:

beat around the bush

How should I write this in Chinese?

Cambridge dictionary gives:

Don't beat around the bush - get to the point! 别兜圈子了——有话直说!

But I feel it doesn't fit.

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拐弯抹角 is a good choice, even verified by google trandlate and other websites:


beat around the bush could also mean 徒勞無功。

Referring to https://drive.google.com/file/d/1avg8v2ra_Mx-UsRijLAu3GBPi5oaQ-4S/view?usp=sharing

As an example, 別帶系統“兜圈子” or inhibitors for COVID-19 — A miracle waiting to happen or just another beat around the bush

beat around the bush could have the indication of 徒勞無功 .


東扯西拉/閃閃爍爍, 拐弯抹角, 繞(兜)圈子 - discuss a matter without coming to the point directly, or giving a straight answer.

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