In the following passage there are a lot of 与. Please let me know if I understand each of them correctly.

公关人是客户**市场受众的纽带, 公关公司职员通过**媒体编辑或记者的联系和沟通,将客户的需求软性地传递给目标客户群。

Public Relation are customers' and market audiences' link, PR companies' staff connects with media editor or reporters's connection and links(?), gathers customers' requests (and) softly/subtly reach out to the target market (?? please correct me)


With (?? No idea what 在与 is) customers' side of the matter, PR companies usually connects with customer's company's PR division or marketing division, furthermore they quite care about life's figurative product (?? what is 具象品质?), fairly care about a person's image and interests (?)

By the way do people actually speak like like this in oral conversation?

Thank you very much

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I am not commenting on your whole translation here, just the parts relating to 与.

As for the first passage, in the first case 与 is used to show that the link/connection is between the two items connected by 与 (literally it would read like: the A and B connection, i.e. the connection involving both A and B, which we say as between A and B). As for the second case, we can analyze it as follows: [公关公司职员]通过[[与媒体编辑或记者]的联系和沟通],[将[客户的需求]]软性地传递给[目标客户群] -> [the PR company's staff] through [[with media editors or reporters]'s relations and connections], [OBJ: [client's demands] gently convey to the target demographic] -> Through connecting with the media, the the PR company's staff gently conveys the client's demands to the target client base[?] (perhaps target demographic? I'm not 100% sure with business jargon).

在与客户的接洽方面 can be dissected as 在[与客户的接洽]方面 -> regarding/on/concerning discussions with customers. As with the first passage, 与 is bringing together two items that are connected (in this case the two parties involved in the talks), only in this case the first item is omitted. The next 与 is the same as described for the first passage (the interface between ... and ...)

as for 具象品质, the definition I found for 具象 has it as the opposite of 抽象, so perhaps: practical/effective product quality

  • Thank you! Based on your explanation would 公关公司职员通过与媒体编辑或记者的联系和沟通 translate better as "PR company's staff connects media editor's or reporter's connection with communication" ?
    – rabbid
    Commented Nov 19, 2013 at 6:17
  • @rabbid, I have updated my answer to address your comment. Hope it helps.
    – user238264
    Commented Nov 19, 2013 at 7:01
  • thank you very much. Seems so simple after you translate it, but it's quite hard for me to see what 与 connects when I first read it :) I really like your usage of the brackets by the way. It's very clear!
    – rabbid
    Commented Nov 19, 2013 at 7:18

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