In the sentence 有一天国王把他的故事给一名作家看 , the intended meaning is, “One day the king showed his stories to a writer”. 看 by itself means to see or to look at. 给 is used as “to” but does this change the meaning of 看 and if so how does the use of 给 change the meaning of verbs?

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给 (give)--> allow -->let.

  • 有一天 - there's one day

  • 国王 - the king

  • 把他的故事 - take his story

  • [] - let

  • 一名作家看 - a writer read (it)

有一天国王把他的故事[]一名作家看 --> There's one day the king [let] a writer read his story

  • "有一天 - there's one day", I think this answered the OP's question on another thread.
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