I searched Google and the results were only 嚟唔切 and not 開心都嚟唔切.

  • Quote:- "I searched Google and the results were only 嚟唔切...", that's because you could put almost anything "in front" of this Cantonese double entendre, depending on which "entendre" you want to convey in a certain context. How about 死都嚟唔切? Aug 4, 2022 at 3:01

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開心都嚟唔切 is not a set-phrase, per se, but a clause made up of different words.

If we look up the different usages of 嚟唔切 we can get an idea of what the sentence means.


ABC Canto

to be unable to arrive in time; to be too late (for something)

si4 gaan3 bei2 gaau3 gon2, so2 ji5 ngo5 lai4 m4 cit3 gaau1 gung1 fo3
The time was relatively hurried, so I couldn't arrive in time to turn in my homework

dou3 lou5 go2 zan6 nei5 hau6 fui3 dou1 lai4 m4 cit3 laa3
When you become old it's too late for you to feel regret

lou5 po4 zau2 zo2, han6 dou1 lai4 m4 cit3 gaa3 laa3
If your wife runs away, it will be too late for you to regret it

See also 嚟 lai4 唔切 m4 cit3


JP lai2 m4 cit3
not being able to make it in time



The Mandarin equivalent would be 开心都来不及了. This equates to something like, "couldn't be happier." Sometimes it can be used sarcastically so you'd need to take a closer look at the context.

Barbie on italki addresses this usage of 來不及:

來不及 in this sentence means "you're too happy to think about anything else." Literally, you only have time to be happy and have no time for other things.

More examples:



XX都嚟唔切 /XX都來不及 = excessively XX

嚟唔切 (can't make it in time) --> in a hurry --> urgent --> take priority --> ignore everything else --> excessively

開心都嚟唔切 = excessively happy; couldn't be happier

other examples of v + 唔切

走唔切 = can't get away in time

走都走唔切 = urgently getaway

走唔切(can't get away in time) --> get away in a hurry--> urgently getaway


做唔切 = can't keep up with the work

做都做唔切 = urgently work

做唔切(can't keep up with the work) --> work in a hurry --> urgently work

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