What are the most popular Chinese language video programs / online video channels that pertain to science, chemistry, math, robotics, etc. with a focus on kids as the audience?

Equivalent to English-language channels Mark Rober, Steve Mould, Numberphile, Periodic Videos, NileRed, etc.


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This answer includes some already mentioned in the comments to OP's question.

  1. 李永乐老师 - https://www.youtube.com/@TchLiyongle - He covers a lot of topics incl. stats, physics, economy.
  2. 佑來了 - https://www.youtube.com/@yoyophysics - Mainly deep dives of physics experiments on commonly seen phenomena.
  3. 妈咪说 MommyTalk - https://www.youtube.com/@Sci1729 - Physics, math, basic science.
  4. 柴知道 ChaiKnows - https://www.youtube.com/@chaiknowsofficialchannel982 - Knowledge in daily lives, incl. some science.

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