Homer with a bird on his head

Marge: Oh Homer, there's a bird on your head.
Homer: I know, he's grooming me.

In this funny quote from The Simpsons (video; episode Bart Gets an Elephant), I'm not quite sure how to translate the second sentence. Grooming in this context...

...refers to behaviors involved in cleaning and maintaining body function and hygiene.

Google Translate gives:


This seems plausible, but I'm unsure about how "grooming" is translated; 修饰 seems more like "decorate". I didn't find Chinese subtitles here.

Question: How do I translate the Simpson's quote "I know, he's grooming me"?

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For what monkeys and birds do for each other we would call it:

shū máo

梳毛 can be broken down into: brush + fur.

It normally wouldn’t work for humans, since people do not have fur but since it is an animal doing the action we can still attribute animal behaviors to the bird.

You might go with something like: 它给我梳毛

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    Two more choices. 1 它在给我梳头。 2 它在给我整理发型。
    – Dtlingo
    Aug 8, 2022 at 7:50



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