I've often read about 给 XXX 落实政策。This thing seems to be very flexible.

For example, 落实疫情防控政策 and 给烈士子女落实政策。

How to contextually translate this phrase into English?

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落实 - to implement/carried out; workable/practical

落实疫情防控政策 - to implement/carried out .... policy.

给烈士子女落实政策 - provide .... workable/practical policy.

  • Yes, this is a fair translation. However, implement merely means that the policy was put out, it does not stress that doing it correctly and thoroughly was important, as in 落实。It is, I believe, more similar to a plain old 执行。
    – Lily White
    Sep 14 at 15:12

落:落下:set down, set out, set in motion
实:实现:bring about

set in motion real, effective epidemic prevention policy

set out real, effective policies for the children of our martyrs

  • I feel like 'set in motion' or 'bring about' could work, but 'set out' has a different connotation. If you're 'setting out' a policy then what you're doing is determining and finalising its formulation, not its implementation.
    – Sanchuan
    Sep 15 at 6:49

A more idiomatic way to render the notion of 'implement correctly/thoroughly', as you suggest in one of your comments here, would be to translate the phrase as

"put into place/effect ... measures"

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