Basically every morning at around 8am, there's someone outside my apartment in Beijing yelling something that sounds like dòuhé, which is audible in everyone's apartment.

I managed to record him saying it: here.

I have no idea what this means (I can't find it in Pleco). He might be selling something (like breakfast), or it might be related to garbage collection.

Question: Why does someone in our apartment complex yell something like "dòuhé" at around 8am?

Okay, I went down to his van this morning and took a photo of what's inside:

enter image description here


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if i heard right, he was yelling 豆腐。I think he was selling tofu. Some Chinese northerners especially when shouting for selling 豆腐,the pronunciation is sometimes changed from "doufu" to "doufe".

edited: yes you see, it's tofu. I think this website can help you: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tofu

the weird pronunciation is, as I said before, just because of the northern accent. I think the reason may be "doufe" is easier to be loud than "doufu". They must make sure more people can hear he is selling something 😄


After listening to the recording, It sounds more like 早飯 (breakfast) /Zǎofàn/

To confirm my theory, please go out at 8:00 AM and find the street vendor around your apartment and see what he's selling

It doesn't sound like 豆汁 /Dòuzhī/ Douzhi as I previously thought, although 豆汁 which is a breakfast food unique to Beijing City does make very good sense

It also sounds like 豆花 (Douhua) but 豆花 is called 豆腐腦 in the north

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