A girl that I like frequently calls me 笨蛋. I want to confess my feelings to her and wasn't sure if saying 我知道我很笨蛋。 or 我知道我是笨蛋。makes more sense gramatically.

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笨蛋 is a noun (a person who is silly), while is an adjective, so you'd want one of these:

我知道我很,…… [很 + adjective]
我知道我是(个)笨蛋,…… [是 + noun]

Presumably you'd want the latter to echo your romantic interest's wording.

I don't believe it's grammatically correct to say 我很笨蛋 since 很 would normally be followed by an adjective (or something functioning as an adjective).


I consulted the God Cupid, his Chinese is good, for a Greek!



In the name of love,
One man in the name of love!

Good luck! Let me know what she says!

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