Yesterday I've started learning Chinese, and I've been using Duolingo only for now.

The most thing which I am irritating about Duolingo is that phonetic alphabets (Pinyin) are omited frequently in problems like quizzes.

I am not a genius so I cannot memorize a pronunciation of a term in one time.

So I am thinking changing the app or learning material(s).

For me, I want to be recommended some good grammar book or grammar website of Chinese.

BTW should I avoid using free materials of natural language learning rather than using stuff which was made with incentives?


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  • Pinyin rules

Integrated Chinese 4th Edition, Volume 1 Textbook:This book has a good grasp of pinyin rules. You will learn about the pronunciation of each character and the difference in the tones used.

  • Chinese Reader

Pleco汉语词典(app):The user interface of this application is currently only in English, with an integrated dictionary/document reader/word card system. The explanation next to each Chinese character will be annotated with pinyin.

  • Sentence structure

Beijing University Edition Chinese as a Foreign Language Textbook - Grammar Course Series

  • As for whether to choose paid materials, I personally think it is not necessary for the time being. I prefer to pay for the direction of learning, rather than the content of the course itself, because the basic content is similar. Of course, if you want to lay a solid foundation, it is also good to have effective interaction, it depends on your thinking.

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