This is from 《太平广记》:赐金帛,加秩二等。

The main story happened in Tang Dynasty. Su Wuming caught the thieves who had stolen from the Princess. The Queen wants to reward him by 赐(bestow)金(gold)帛(silk),加(promote)秩(?)二(two)等(levels).

My question lies in 秩, which can mean both 俸禄 (salaries from official services) and 官职、品级 (official position or its rank). There should be a norm on what 加秩二等 means. I don't know but my thoughts are as follows:

  1. 品级: Since 赐金帛 is monetary reward, it's natural for a rank promotion to come along. But then Su Wuming is already 湖州别使. I'm not sure which category 湖州 belongs to. Even if it's a 下州, Su is at the rank of 从五品上, promoting 2 ranks from that is a huge jump. It seems too big a deal for catching some thieves and regaining stolen stuff (its value 直黄金千镒 is mostly an exaggeration). Maybe it's a common thing in the feudal dynasties.

  2. 俸禄: It also seems to make sense. 赐金帛 is one-time, while promoting the salaries is long-lasting.

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Does 秩 mean 俸禄 or 品级 in 加秩二等?

俸禄 is the salary an officer receives based on his rank, you cannot get 加俸禄 (increased salary) without being promoted to a higher rank, so 加秩 means "promote to higher rank"

秩 = officer ranking

加秩二等 = promote to two ranks higher



the story is from 太平廣記・精察一・蘇無名; happened in 唐 dynasty.

according to 通典・職官十七・祿秩, division 15:


two rank above 從五品 would be 從四品, that his salary changed from 160 stone to 260 stone; not a big deal 😼

“秩” means official ranking here

have fun :)

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