I wonder if this sentence is correct, or if I need to add some other words: "我喜欢吃的中国菜是______ " If they are wrong, I would appreciate your explanation

My doubt is about the use of 的 and 是.

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The structures of Chinese and English are similar here: 我喜歡吃的中國菜是…could be literally translated as : The Chinese dish that I love to eat is…. So we could see that the attributive adjective phrase 我喜歡吃的 becomes an adjective clause following the noun “Chinese dish” in English. I can imagine some possible scenarios when this sentence might be used: Setting: in a Chinese restaurant. A:你喜歡/想吃什麼(菜)? B:我喜歡/想吃紅燒肉。或:我最喜歡吃的中國菜是紅燒肉。或:我喜歡吃的中國菜有紅燒肉、醋溜魚片、還有回鍋肉。 A:你們有什麼喜歡/想吃的(菜嗎)? B:我想吃紅燒肉。 C:我要醋溜魚片。 D:我喜歡/想要吃的中國菜是回鍋肉。 So your sentence could only be suitable in the context of the second scenario.


" + noun" = "is/are + an item/items".

In your sentence, I suggest adding the word "最" before "喜欢" to emphasize your particular liking of the item

  • 我"最"喜欢吃的中国菜ZZ. - The Chinese food/dish I like the "most" is ZZ.

When you like several items more or less equaly, you can modify the sentence without the emphasizing word as:

  • 我喜欢吃的中国菜是/有XX, YY, 和ZZ - The Chinese food/dishes I like are/include XX, YY, and ZZ.

Here, is a "structural particle" that indicates the word or phrase preceding it functions as an attributive that defines or modifies the noun or noun phrase that comes after it.

  • 我喜欢吃的中国菜 - The noun 中国菜 is modified by the pronoun “我” and the adjective “喜欢吃”. The structural particle “的” marks the relationship between the modifier and the modified.



我喜欢吃的中国菜是..... This structure is grammatically correct. And we Chinese use this kind of structure a lot.

More similar sentences. 我喜欢穿的牌子是...... 我喜欢开的车是....... 我喜欢去的酒吧是......

This structure is correct, but we use subject + verb + object more often.

我喜欢吃的中国菜是..... 我喜欢吃.....

我喜欢开的车是....... 我喜欢开沃尔沃(volvo)/奔驰(Benz)

我喜欢去的酒吧是...... 我喜欢去Mix酒吧/天堂酒吧.

In the sentence 我喜欢的中国菜是......, the speaker wants to emphasize the dish he or she likes, so he or she put it in the end.


The sentence is incomplete, but grammatical:

我喜欢吃 的 中国菜 是 ……
The Chinese dishes that I like to eat are ...

Presumably you're meant to fill in the blank with your favorite Chinese dishes.

We modify the noun 中国菜 = "Chinese dishes" using 我喜欢吃 = "I like to eat", connecting them using 的. The phrase 我喜欢吃 is functioning as an adjective (or an "attributive") for the noun 中国菜:

Adj. + 的 + Noun

And the adjective can be a whole phrase, such as in:

[the] book

[the] green book

[the] book that my teacher likes to read

[the] book that students should read three times

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