I own this painting with extensive Chinese calligraphy. Very grateful for help with a translation, as well as the name of/identification of the artist.

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Painting with calligraphy

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It is basically a brief introduction to Zhong Kui (鐘馗)

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世傳鐘馗不第而逝 - It was said that Zhong Kui passed away without success in the National exams

民間傳說鐘馗進士 - Folklore said Zhong Kui passed and became an imperial scholar

鬼趣面式,嫁妹被一時傳為佳話 - The tales of his amusing faces and his marrying off his younger sister was famous among everyday folks

故世之有鐘馗佳趣頗廣泛 - Therefore, there are a lot of wildly spread interesting things about Zhong Kui

民間傳聞鐘馗驅鬼,故以鐘馗鎮宅 - People heard Zhong Kui could expel ghosts, therefore they used his image as a household protecting talisman

唐宋以來歷代相傳,風行海內 - Since Tang and Song Dynasties, his stories were passed along, all over the country

傳至扶桑盛行民間至今 - spread to Japan and became a popular tale until today

壬戌(most likely in 1922 or 1982)冬月(winter)於京華(in the capital)半畝園畔 (besides the Half Acre Garden)鹵墨注題 (took up pen and written)

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