As the question says, Im wondering if this 成語 has an English version.

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The best I could come up with is "I feel you" in English, but I feel the Chinese version has a deeper meaning. Any suggestions?

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感同身受 an idiomatic way to say "(empathetically) feel"


你的痛苦我感同身受 = I (empathetically) feel your pain

你的失望我感同身受 = I (empathetically) feel your disappointment

烏黑蘭人的痛苦波蘭人感同身受 = The Poles (empathetically) feel the Ukrainians' pain

"empathetically" is redundant in English. When you say you feel someone's feeling, it is always empathetically, not actually

"empathetically" - 感同身受地 (adv)


"I can empathetically feel your pain" - “我能感同身受地感受到你的痛苦”

"I can feel your pain" - “我能感受到你的痛苦” (it is the more natural way to speak)

"empathetically" is redundant in English

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