In the chengyu story behind 入木三分 (rù mù sān fēn), the emperor has a 祝版 created for a ceremony in which he makes sacrifices to his ancestors. I did some initial searches and found that a 祝版 is wooden board that has text upon it, but strangely couldn't find much else. Is this board supposed to be a certain size, and is it supposed to have a certain amount of words/kind of text? How is this plank used during the ceremony?

Thank you!

Chengyu story sources:

Baidu National Academy for Educational Research Hanyu Da Cidian Qi gushi

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祝版, also 祝板, is a piece of rectangular/square wood or paper board that carries praying/congratulatory messages (祝文) for a sacred ceremony. The size was not fixed, but regulated and produced by the department of skilled works (工部) in accordance with the status of the object of each ceremonial event.


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