Please, help me identify the meaning/purpose/origins of this symbol/sign/character?

enter image description here

enter image description here

I suppose it might be used to describe emotions (like irritation or surprise?) or for onomatopoeia. However, I have no idea where to find any info on what it really means.

I could not find anything in Traditional Chinese vocabs and some Japanese sources. I found similar-looking letter for Hindi - does not help though :(

Any help from people who know what is going on or can advise where to look would be much appreciated.


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It is the symbol "ㄛ" in Zhuyin, which may represent the word "哦" or "喔".

  • Thank you so-so much !
    – Oleksandra
    Feb 28 at 15:27
  • You are welcome.
    – r13
    Feb 28 at 16:35

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