I want to say that I played a YouTube video.

Would it be 开 , as in 我开了一个十分钟的中文词汇视频 ? v

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    I don't think the sentence makes sense. What have you played, a video game? Or you posted/watched a video on Youtube?
    – r13
    Mar 4 at 20:52
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    For the type of video in this case, I suggest using the verbs "watch", "upload" or "broadcast" for clarity - 我看了(watched)/上傳了(uploaded)/播放了(broadcasted)一個中文字汇的视频, so not to be misunderstood as 我玩了一個中文could字汇的视频,
    – r13
    Mar 5 at 22:44
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    So what exactly do you do with the Chinese vocabulary video when it is playing? Play a crossword game, a puzzle, or...? That's what I wanted to figure out in the first place.
    – r13
    Mar 6 at 4:05
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    放/播放 are well. 开 is more of emphasizing you clicked the link and start a new page. Letting the video begin is typically called 播放 in madarin. Mar 6 at 10:32
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    "I want to say that I played a YouTube video."; "我开了一个十分钟的中文词汇视频**(Chinese vocabulary video)"; "I am simple **listening to Spotify as it plays music;"; "have you heard the word "Playlist" ?". I hope somebody can sort it out. Good luck.
    – r13
    Mar 6 at 17:07

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If you want to write it down on paper, it should be "播放," i.e., "我播放了一段YouTube视频";

If your context is to say something to somebody, it can be "看," i.e., "我看了个YouTube视频";

If you are a teacher and played the video with your student, you can use "放," i.e., "我放了个YouTube视频";

If you want to use "开" in this sentence, you may need to use it in future tense, i.e., "I am going to play a video," "我准备开个视频看看";

Furthermore, the context you use "我开了一个十分钟的中文词汇视频" should be like: you are watching the video, and at the same time, somebody asks you (beside you, via phone, via SMS, or IM, etc.), "你在干什么? (What are you doing?)", you can reply to him, "我刚开了个视频."


I want to say that I played a YouTube video

我看了一个十分钟的中文词汇视频 = I watched a 10-minutes-long Chinese vocabulary video

了一个十分钟的中文词汇视频 = I played a 10-minutes-long Chinese vocabulary video

播 short for 播放 (play/ broadcast)


I would use 打开instead of 开only


I would like to use 录 or 发布 a video.

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    录 = recorded; 发布 = released
    – Tang Ho
    Mar 5 at 3:37
  • @CathyDeng Thanks Cathy , but the meaning is a little different. I don't mean record or release.
    – Kantura
    Mar 5 at 21:41

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