Still forwarding on my lexicon, i am wondering about the use of 那 as a conjunction meaning " then, in that case ".
Is it really often used in that usage in modern Chinese ?
There are other Chinese characters for " then, in that case ", like 便, 就, 㕢... ,

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Yes, 那 and 就 are very commonly used in daily conversations.

For example,

  • 要是你沒空,那我找別人陪我去。
  • 要是你沒空,我就找別人陪我去。
  • 要是你沒空,那我就找別人陪我去。
  • 遇到紅燈,就得停下來。
  • 你不同意,那就算了。
  • 這就對了。

便 is usually used in formal writing. I seldom hear people say this word as a conjunction.

I'm not sure if you want to say 㕢 or 爾. I haven't seen the word 㕢 before.

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