Today I am having trouble getting to grips with 那叫。

Can 叫 be a 量词?

According to zdic.net 叫 can also be used as by:

叫:让;被 [by]。如:你叫雨淋了吗?;叫你猜对了

In each of these 3 examples, is 那叫 a phrase?

Is 那叫 being used in the same way in each example?

1. 我那叫一个紧张哦!I was so nervous!
2. 那叫声一直缠绕着我。That sound haunted me.
3. 是啊,她那叫升华。Yes, she ???

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Can 叫 be a 量词?

The answer is "no". Here is a list of Chinese "measured words/classifiers.

那叫 - that calls/takes as = that essentially is.

  1. 那叫一个紧张哦!- That essentially is me had a nervous/intense moment.

  2. 是啊,她那叫升华。- Yes, that essentially is her in sublimation.

Note that the second example does not follow the pattern above, it is in the format of "那 + noun (consisted with 叫) + descriptive phrase".

  1. 叫声一直缠绕着我. - That crying sound continuously bothers me.
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    I agree and, to answer Pedrosky's question, would also like to stress that 那叫 is not "being used in the same way in each example". Specifically, #2 is the odd one out: jiaosheng is a bisyllabic noun there, whereas 那叫 in the other sentences is a demonstrative pronoun followed by a verb.
    – Sanchuan
    Mar 24, 2023 at 13:26

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