I know it's an internet slang and meme, the rough meaning is “particularly cool”, however, how to properly translate it with especially equal rhetorical level? Here's some context:

  • 原来天地决那狂拽炫酷吊炸天的特效是个npc的模型!
  • 这舞台效果简直吊炸天啊,换装怎么弄的? (A briefer variant of 狂拽炫酷吊炸天 is used here)
  • 今天就带大家看看那些农村刷墙的神文案,真是狂拽炫酷吊炸天!所谓接地气的好广告,就该这样简单粗暴。
  • 感觉这几年Kpop一直在追求狂拽炫酷吊炸天的风格,初听很洗脑,但热度过去了就很少会去点来听了。

Reference from Baidu Baike

  • 1
    a simple "awesome" would do.
    – Tang Ho
    Mar 24 at 3:23
  • In the fourth sentence, it seems to be used in an very implicitly pejorative sense, referring to (Kpop) the overly deliberate pursuit of glamour and excellence which backfires, “awesome” sounds not a well fit in this context.
    – user35835
    Mar 24 at 3:45

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"Badass" should do the job for you here.


It means "super fucking cool".


Turns out the mind-blowingly awesome special effects in "Heaven and Earth" were just an NPC's model!

These stage effects are insanely cool! How did they manage the costume changes?

Today, let's take a look at those epic rural wall slogans. They're absolutely amazing! A true down-to-earth ad should be as straightforward and bold as these.

It seems like Kpop has been pursuing this over-the-top cool style in recent years. It's catchy at first, but once the hype dies down, I rarely go back to listen.

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