I want to use a book of vocabs for hsk4, which book generally only uses vocabs which are in range of hsk4. It is ok that some terms or expressions inside the sentences are out of range of hsk4 due to high frequencies of usages in daily life.

I've been using a book of vocabs for hsk4. The following image was quoted from this book.

This book includes 2 sentences for each term of the vocabs.

The problem for me is that many sentences of this book includes vocabs(terms?) each of which is out of range of hsk4 even this book is titled with a literal "hsk4".

It is too boring for me looking up terms which i don't know and out of range of hsk4. Because I've been studying for hsk4.

enter image description here

For instance 收获 is listed in the vocab table of hsk5. 粥 is in hsk6 table.

I know that these terms are neither difficult nor rare, but I want to use the vocabs of hsk4 intensively for a shortest path to passing hsk4 test.

I want your advices or opinions.



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