In Chinese internet languages, some English words appears. But the meaning is totally different from the original English meaning, just like the following

  • 你不准参加impart
  • 开impart怎么不带我啊

I wonder what is "impart" meaning here.

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Supposedly the transition went like this:

  • impart sounds like 银趴
  • 银趴 is a substitute for 淫趴 -or- an orgy
  • now impart is used more widely to mean anything good that you haven't been invited to

Seems like it might have come from Thor: Love and Thunder

enter image description here


impart,或者impact,是淫趴的谐音,简中互联网为了应对网络社区或者论坛不被识别删除故意打成银趴。淫趴原本是国外一种私人举办的派对Home Party,可能会比较性自由和开放,然而国内这个梗流行起来,首先是因为2022年初网络开放了ip显示,不少网民发现很多人的ip是在国外,譬如美国、北欧等,加上整年舆情都非常激烈,润成为了一种强烈的想法,而且大部分人是没有条件润的,于是只能骗已经润的人回来,于是就会在国外ip的网友下面留言,村里开银趴了,快回来吧,村里开银趴发金条了,快回来吧,实际上是对成功润到国外的一种羡慕;其次银趴怎么突然成了网络语境中美好奢靡的代名词呢,最早是因为国内有过海天盛筵这种真银趴的事件报道过,于是上层有钱人荒淫奢靡成了一种自由和享受的调侃,然后近些年被广泛使用是出自电影《雷神4》索尔被扒的片段,男主索尔(托尔)因为和宙斯意见不合,索尔的衣服被宙斯扒光了,并且说了一句话:You can not come to orgy,国内翻译为:你不准参加银趴,可以说非常地信达雅了,由此,银趴正式成了一种戏谑荒诞的网络意象,也衍生了一些表情包,比如哆啦A梦的开银趴不叫我是吧。

Quoted from 鲸吼, which explained pretty clearly in Chinese. Please feel free to post a better answer, written in English, to “trump” this one.

This answer was originally intended to be sent as a link in question comments, but unfortunately I do not have the privilege to post comments, so have to send as this answer.

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