Does someone know, where to get Chinese language versions of memorials (奏摺) of Zhang Zhidong or Yuan Shikai?

For Zhang Zhidong a rich source should be: 清代名人奏折书系, which I have not been able to acquire, although it might reappear on Amazon at some point.

On Yuan Shikai there ought to be 袁世凱奏摺專輯, which might be even harder to come by.

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    how come “奏摺” is translated as “memorials”; may i say: 奧賣葛 🙀 May 19 at 7:46
  • Good question and thank you very much! Both Memorial as a Statue and as a document have to do with memory. In the case of the statue the connection is clear. In the case of the document, I believe it carries the meaning of bringing facts to the memory of the sovereign. I suspect it goes back to the times when you gave sovereigns a „memorial“ so they wouldn’t forget your plea after the audience.
    – Ludi
    May 20 at 6:01
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    “I am very grateful for the sources provided!” well, it’s easy task, imo. what will happen if i compose learning materials for literary chinese comprehension? 😺 Jun 12 at 3:38
  • @水巷孑蠻 hopefully everyone will give a bounty then! ;)
    – Ludi
    Jun 13 at 8:25
  • @水巷孑蠻 memorial in english can also refer to 呈文 type documents, but this usage of the word is not common in english in regular life. All the documents an emperor had to go through daily from the people and court members could be considered memorials for example.
    – zagrycha
    Jun 14 at 15:05

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for 張之洞: the internet archive has the followings:


the ctext.org has the same collection, but the characters recognition is . . . unbearable 😼

the harvard university has this, the first one is mr 張’s:


for 袁世凱, here’s a “privacy” version of the book 袁世凱奏摺專輯 by 國立故宮博物院:









have fun 😸

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