Just bought this painting at an estate sale today. Would like to know the translation. enter image description here

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"爭鳴(to contend)", 曹全堂(author name)作(write/produce)

"爭鳴" was taken out from the idiom "百家争鸣[bǎi jiā zhēng míng]" - a hundred schools of thought contend (idiom); refers to the classical philosophic schools of the Warring States period 475-221 BC.


爭鳴 (compete to sing aloud) is the title,

百鳥爭嗚 (hundreds of birds compete to sing aloud) is a metaphor for "All different thinkings and opinions are freely expressed"

百鳥爭鳴,漢語成語,拼音是bǎi niǎo zhēng míng,意思是千百種鳥一起鳴唱。出自《漢書·藝文志》。

曹全堂 (Cao Quantang) is the author

作 = by

爭鳴:曹全堂作 - "Contending" by Cao Quantang

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