I bought a scroll painting. It looks very old painting. It is a very beautiful painting but I want to know the artist name and what it is written in there.


Kindly help me in identifying this.

Thanks Sachin

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It must be 村上华岳 (Kagaku Murakami). He was a Japanese painter and illustrator who lived between 1888 to 1939.

  • Thanks for responding, that is really a great help. May I know what is the first red seal means and what is written in black ink. I really appreciate this.
    – Sachin
    Jul 6 at 23:54
  • Does anybody can give more information about the artist name? Also how we can identify the characters?
    – Sachin
    Jul 9 at 2:27
  • @Sachin The 2 black character is literally 華岳. The first red seal has the same content: 2 characters but in ancient Chinese seal font.
    – WONderFUL
    Jul 11 at 16:27
  • Thanks a lot for responding to this, may I know which auction house is good for selling these kind of paintings.
    – Sachin
    Sep 14 at 3:51

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