This picture was a gift and is supposed to be a poem about the fjords in Hardanger, Norway. If someone could help translate the calligraphy, it would be greatly appreciated!

Chinese Calligraphy

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i would read it as:

我行哈xx高原 - 哈xx should be the transliteration of hardanger



x望港口連雲天 - i suspected it’s “四”





一九八一年六月 - june 1981

段雲 - the author name

the rhyming is, . . . 😿

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    I would say it is 哈當利高原....上有白雪滿川巒..... 敢跨瑞雪粧山川
    – Tang Ho
    Aug 7, 2023 at 2:37
  • hmmm.... 段雲 sounds like 斷魂 in Cantonese
    – Tang Ho
    Aug 7, 2023 at 4:36

水巷孑蠻 did most of the work already but didn't translate the text

Here it is

我行哈當利高原 - My trip to Hardanger Plateau

上有白雪滿川巒 - Above, there are rivers and mountains covered by white snow

一車姍姍穿雪壁 - A car slowly goes through walls of snow

四望港口連雲天 - Look around the cloud-cover sky above the harbor

唯見此處少花樹 - Just see this place has few plants

敢跨瑞雪粧山川 - Dare to walk across the snow-covered mountains

挪威訪問西行道 - The west route of visiting Norway

冰下水流鳴潺潺 - Flowing water's sound (can be heard) under the ice

一九八一年六月 - June 1981

段雲 - Duan Yun (the author's name)

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