I have to sort a country list (written in PHP programming language as an associative array in the order 'xy' => 'name of country',) in simplified Chinese language to make sense for Chinese people.

So, what for the English language is alphabetic order, is for Chinese the Radical-Stroke Order. So far so good...

Is there a tool to sort them in the correct sense for Chinese people?

  • Lets call the array id key and the array content value. Do you want to sort by key or by value?
    – Pedroski
    Aug 8, 2023 at 14:14
  • Do you have an ordered list of the Radical-Stroke Order? I think you would need a system similar to ASCII code. You can use "XINHUA ZIDIAN".
    – PdotWang
    Aug 8, 2023 at 20:22
  • If you want an "ordered list," that's usually done stictly by number of strokes. Sep 10, 2023 at 4:12
  • I've asked a friend from China. He sorted it for a coffee ^^
    – Manny
    Sep 24, 2023 at 7:49

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PHP's standard sort ought to do the trick. It probably uses the unicode order (Read more).

  • That's not going to work. Sep 10, 2023 at 4:11

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