In this sentence:

这个电影 讲 的是一个人因为被追杀 , 躲 在 少林寺 里边学功夫, 然后为他爸爸 报仇的故事

I do not understand the structure in the bold part. Specifically, what is the difference between using just 讲 and using 讲 的是 as in here.

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(a) 这个电影 讲 一个人 为他爸爸报仇 的 故事.

(b) 这个电影 讲的 (內容) 是 一个人为他爸爸报仇 的 故事.

From the grammar/structure point of view, (a) is an SVO structure. (b) is a "to-be" sentence. Since 这个电影 (or 这本书) is not a real person and cannot really talk (讲), some people prefer the second structure which states the fact (是).

In practice, both are correct.

For example:

A: 他借我们的钱,可能不会还了。(He may not pay our money back.)

B: 你说,他借钱不还?(You mean, he does not pay us back?)

A: 我说的是,他可能没有能力还。(What I'm telling you is that he may not be able to pay it back.)


讲的 = 描述的, described.

  • 这个电影讲的是... = This movie described is ...

讲 - tell, talk, speak...

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