What purpose does 对 serve in the sentence 因为对 汉字 感兴趣:yīn​wèi duì hàn​zì gǎn​xìng​qù , the meaning in English is "As he was interested in studying Chinese characters". If I take a literal interpretation of 对 in this sentence, then it would mean right. but it must serve a different purpose for this sentence(like emphasis), what is that purpose?

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Depending on the context, 对 can act as a preposition including 'in; on; at; to/ toward; for"

 汉字 感兴趣 = interest in Chinese Characters

你 失望 = disappointed on you

你 发火 = angry at you

人 无礼 = rude to people

事件 作出解释 = explain for the event


对 services as a preposition - "for; towards".

因为  汉字 感兴趣 = Because of/Due to affection for Chinese lettering... = because of interest towards Chinese lettering... = because of interested in (the) Chinese lettering...

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