Eating requirements: 食物要求

Allergy: 过敏

But I came across another term which I can't seem to find. A waitress in China asked me if I had any eating requirements/allergies but she used a term that I think had 口 in it. I think it was 2 characters with 口 being either the first or second.

你有什么 口X 吗?

你有什么 X口 吗?

Have I misremembered or does such a term exist ?

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戒口 (restrict from eating)

to not eat something for health reasons

For example, someone can't eat deep-fried food because of high blood pressure, or eat shellfish due to an allergy

usually under a doctor's order




  • Thanks , can you add a few examples of it used in a sentence ?
    – Kantura
    Aug 26, 2023 at 17:18

忌口/口忌 - dietetic restrictions; abstain from certain food due to illness or other health issues.

  • 您有口忌嗎? - Do you have dietetic restrictions?

  • 有. 因為忌口, 我得避免高鉀食品. - Yes, I do. Because of dietetic restrictions, I must avoid foods with very high potassium content.

禁口/口禁 - dietetic prohibitions; prohibited from certain food due to illness or other health issues.

  • 醫生說什麽東西你要禁口? - Did the doctor prescribe dietetic prohibitions?

  • 有, 醫生給我的口禁是禁食海鮮. - Yes, he did. He prohibits me from eating seafood.

  • 基本上中國對失業率有意見的人都被禁了口
    – Tang Ho
    Aug 27, 2023 at 23:14
  • @TangHo 此禁口(醫藥,飲食)非彼禁口(政治,語言). 就後者而言, 中國人早已被共產黨禁聲了, 無論是言語(之聲), 文字(之聲), 或行動(之聲).
    – r13
    Aug 28, 2023 at 1:40
  • Hi there, you all should be 禁言(ed) on all communist websites. :-) 禁言 actually includes spoken languages and written languages. But you can still 道路以目。
    – PdotWang
    Aug 31, 2023 at 13:50

I believe that's忌口/口忌

for 忌口, it's like you can't eat it for some objective reasons.

忌 --to be jealous; to envy; to hate -- to envy --(literary, or in compounds) to fear; to dread --to avoid --to abstain; to drop; to stop; to give up (a bad habit) --to taboo; to prohibit --taboo


忌口, 戒口, 禁口, Which one?

忌口 is the one.

(1) It has been formally used in the Medicine Prescriptions by the professionals for a long time.

(2) 忌 means 禁忌(忌禁), 戒忌(忌戒), 忌讳(讳忌). The word 忌口 can substitude "戒口", "禁口", etc.

(3) It has less ambiguous (歧义) than 戒口 - 借口, 禁口 - 进口.

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